IEEE 2030.5 Test Tools

QualityLogic’s interoperability experts help you understand, create, validate and certify interoperable Smart Energy products. QualityLogic has developed the industry’s first IEEE 2030.5 test tools and testing services for Smart Energy vendors to ensure interoperability and conformance to the specification.

The QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 Test System includes four suites – Ad Hoc Testers for IEEE 2030.5 clients and servers and Functional Test Suites (FTS) for IEEE 2030.5 clients and servers.

And finally, the Ad Hoc Testers also help identify problems that occur in communications and diagnose the causes. They support applications ranging from demand-response to EV charging to DER management. Recent enhancements support testing of most of the CA Rule 21 smart inverter communications requirements.

Ad Hoc Testers

IEEE 2030.5 Ad Hoc Testers are actual conformant implementations of IEEE 2030.5 Client and Server. They provide real-world IEEE 2030.5 event simulations and thorough analysis of IEEE 2030.5 messages. QualityLogic’s IEEE 2030.5 Ad Hoc Testers allow you to set up complex scenarios for IEEE 2030.5 clients and servers and ensure conformance to the IEEE 2030.5 Application Protocol Specification.

The IEEE 2030.5 Client Ad Hoc Tester and the IEEE 2030.5 Server Ad Hoc Tester each support all commonly-implemented elements of the Application Protocol Specification. The tools simulate “golden reference” implementations of IEEE 2030.5 compliant products to conduct interoperability testing.

The Ad Hoc testers are valuable for exploring use case scenarios. You can use real devices from other vendors or simulate devices or head-end servers that would be in real-world installations.

Functional Test Suites

IEEE 2030.5 Functional Test Suites are a quick, convenient way to test IEEE 2030.5 device functional conformance to the Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability (CSEP) defined certification requirements.

The Functional Test Suites implement Server and Client tests covering the five core and 10 optional Function Sets specified by CSEP. These include direct load control, price communication, messages to energy control systems and their owners, messaging, security, discovery, and more.

View a demo of the IEEE 2030.5 Test Tools and a discussion of the Conformance Test Program below.

IEEE 2030.5 QA Services

The IEEE 2030.5 Developer’s Workshop provides a conceptual understanding of IEEE 2030.5, a technical walkthrough of IEEE 2030.5, training on QualityLogic’s test tools, and best practices for conformance and interoperability testing of IEEE 2030.5.

The IEEE 2030.5 Conformance Test Program uses the tests defined by CSEP for Phase 1 certification test harness release. QualityLogic’s IEEE 2030.5 test tools were approved by CSEP as the first official certification test harness for IEEE 2030.5. The Conformance Test Program is used by UL and TTA to conduct conformance certification testing. View a  list of conformance-tested products.

QualityLogic Technical Support is invaluable for developers who are working to implement IEEE 2030.5, or implementers who are using the standard in a pilot, demonstration or deployment project. Since Tech Support provides quick answers to technical questions, it saves time and costs in developing or deploying the technology. View the contracts.

Test planning, development, and execution of IEEE 2030.5 implementations are valuable time- and money-saving services that ensure the quality of products.

Integration testing leverages QualityLogic’s test tools to identify interoperability issues and provide detailed engineering information to developers.

Custom test tool development can include enhancements to QualityLogic’s test tools, integration with other tools, or development of tools for unique requirements. For example, some vendors or integrators may need tools that simulate hundreds of IEEE 2030.5 clients. QualityLogic starts with its current knowledge and test tool technology to quickly develop such a tool.

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