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Managed QA Services vs. Staffing

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QualityLogic provides managed QA Test and Engineering services, rather than just simple staffing. This means we guarantee the performance of our assigned resources on your program. All resources are employees of QualityLogic and go through extensive skills tests, as well as background and drug screening.

Another major benefit of using a managed service model provider instead of staffing is that you mitigate the risk of co-employment problems because, unlike traditional staffing companies, QualityLogic supervises and trains our employees.

Our Engineering resources, Leads and Management resources work directly with your team members to deliver the best possible QA operations and quality services. Managed QA services are very different from what a staffing company provides. In addition to guaranteeing our work products, we provide training, equipment/housing infrastructure, work product verification, reporting and program management. We also go beyond just following the assignments. We work to improve performance/efficiency of testing, working with you to deliver the best possible value from the engagement.

Much of the “managed” service scope is not generally provided by staffing companies. We’re confident that our customers will be pleased with our service and efficiency. The value add we bring to team programs goes well beyond covering the difference in rates if you really look at the actual and hidden costs of staffing vs. QualityLogic Managed Services.

“We’re confident that our test and engineering services and the efficiency of our teams deliver significant value when compared to staffing company engagements, or even offshore vendors,” says Gary James, General Manager of QualityLogic’s software testing services business. “Our Boise operations provide competitive pricing, tremendous pool of skills, proven test methodologies and scope of deliverables, which go well beyond what a staffing company can provide. If you look at the actual and hidden costs of staffing (or offshoring) vs. QualityLogic Managed QA Services, QualityLogic exceeds client expectations every time.”

We’re in for the long haul – we are interested in long term team engagements for which we know we can deliver test services that will exceed your expectations.

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