SIMI VALLEY, CALIF;  (October 25, 2016) – QualityLogic, a leading developer of interoperability test tools for the smart grid industry, will unveil version 2 of its suite of test tools for the IEEE 2030.5 standard, the IEEE 2030.5 Functional Test Suite (FTS) and IEEE 2030.5 Ad Hoc Tester November 1 at the “DER Management with IEEE 2030.5 Symposium and Expo” in Irwindale, CA.

IEEE 2030.5 is the internationally-adopted standard for providing secure encrypted smart grid communications from energy management systems to end users and devices. It has been adopted in the U.S., Korea and around the world as one of the reliable interface standards between utilities and demand response resources, as well as the emerging “smart” inverters that integrate renewable energy, electric vehicles, storage and other distributed energy resources into grid operations.

Version 2 of the test tools includes:

  • Improved certification testing with 34 new Conformance Tests in the FTS that enable a single tool set to conduct certification testing for either an IEEE 2030.5 Server or Client.
  • CA Rule 21 support will include the ability assign inverters to DER specific groups. This enables utilities to manage DER resources through aggregators. Also included is improved DER client code to support more complex test scenarios in Rule 21 applications. These are all currently defined functions and behaviors in the IEEE 2030.5 standard.

The Version 2 test tools include the previously approved Version 1 test tools for certification of IEEE 2030.5 devices. The tools are currently being used for conformance testing these devices by UL in the US and TTA in Korea.

“We’ve been working with IEEE 2030.5 (SEP 2) since 2011, and we contributed to the SEP 2 Application Protocol Specification,” said James Mater, general manager, QualityLogic Smart Grid Business. “Our Version 2 IEEE 2030.5 client and server tests will be instrumental in the adoption of a standardized, interoperable communications infrastructure for the coordination of DER resources and grid operations.”

For additional details, contact QualityLogic.