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PDF Test Suite Update Now Available

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QualityLogic announced today that an update to its popular PDF Application Test Suite (ATS), including applications running under Windows 8, is now available. Test files for Adobe CS6, Microsoft Office 2013 and others are included. The suite tests products that consume the PDF file format, such as PDF-direct printers or MFPs, or software that views, edits or pre-flights PDF files.

The PDF Application Test Suite comprises nearly 1,000 PDF files produced using 30 top-selling applications from Adobe, Corel, Microsoft and Quark. These files were produced using several different methods from a variety of producers and creators. QualityLogic’s rigorous, structured approach creates “real world” test pages that strenuously exercise the device or software.

“Software developers, printer and MFP companies, and their partners have used QualityLogic ATSs to test their products for over 20 years,” said Dave Jollota, QualityLogic president and CEO. “This new PDF test suite will help our customers not only improve their ability to consume and render PDF files in the real world, but will also make their testing processes more efficient and greener with better targeted testing.”