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QualityLogic Confirms Adobe Leanprint Toner Saving

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QualityLogic (, a leading provider of QA and QC test tools and services for imaging, telecommunications, eCommerce and smart grid industries, today announced the completion of a study comparing toner usage when printing typical business documents in popular applications with and without Adobe LeanPrint software. The results of the study showed that, on average, Adobe LeanPrint software reduced toner consumption up to 73.6 percent over conventional printing.

Adobe commissioned the study to validate their claim that LeanPrint software, an enterprise-class, software-only printing solution, keeps expenses in check without adversely affecting print volume. QualityLogic tested LeanPrint in three modes:

  • LeanPrint Super Saver shortens long, full-color documents by automatically altering the layout to be more space efficient. QualityLogic’s testing confirmed toner savings of 57.2 percent printing color documents in LeanPrint Super Saver color mode, and 73.6 percent printing color documents in LeanPrint Super Saver black and white mode.
  • LeanPrint Toner Saver significantly reduces toner consumption in color and grayscale printing without impacting the layout of the document. Toner savings on color documents were 30.5 percent when printing in color mode and 60% when printing in black and white mode.
  • LeanPrint Web Printing removes unwanted content from printed web pages and offers the user the choice to print with or without images.

“This QualityLogic study reveals significant differences in toner usage between printing directly from the application and through Adobe LeanPrint,” said Gary James, general manager, QualityLogic Services Business. “The QualityLogic team conducted extensive testing using a test suite that included over 4,000 pages to ensure accurate, reliable results.”

“Adobe prides itself on environmentally conscious behavior,” said Raman Nagpal, senior director and general manager, Adobe Print and Scan Business. “LeanPrint combines our commitment to the environment with our deep understanding of the print industry and results in reduced printing costs.”