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QualityLogic Updates PDF InteropAnalyzer

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QualityLogic announced today that it has begun development of an update to its popular PDF InteropAnalyzer. Scheduled for shipment in July, the suite tests products that consume the PDF file format, such as PDF-direct printers or MFPs, or software that views, edits or pre-flights PDF files.

PDF continues to be the most popular document format on all different types of platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, and other mobile and enterprise platforms. PDF InteropAnalyzer is used by printer and multifunction-peripheral manufacturers, driver developers, and PDF creator/producer software developers to ensure that their products can handle PDF files. Although PDF is a universal document format, it can produce a wide variety of permutations. The composition of a PDF file is influenced by the PDF version, the application, the configuration options and any subsequent document editing.  Successful PDF testing must include a huge number of possible document permutations to ensure product compatibility.

QualityLogic’s PDF InteropAnalyzer V2.0 addresses PDF interoperability testing by delivering test files that cover a broad collection and wide variety of PDF creators and printer drivers, coupled with an easy-to-use search tool that allows users to quickly find PDF attributes with a simple mouse click.

In addition to updates to the 10,000+ real-world documents included in the previous version, the PDF InteropAnalyzer v2.0 will include new features:

  • Windows, Apple and Mobile App generated PDFs
  • Enterprise-level publication PDFs that range from high page count to professional quality
  • Multiple language support, including East Asian, Middle Eastern and European
  • Live analysis of your own PDF files, including addition of files into the searchable database
  • Search for PDF attributes with a few clicks of a mouse

“We introduced the PDF InteropAnalyzer in 2004 with support for PDF 1.4 and have updated in tandem with PDF Specification updates,” said Steve Kang, general manager of QualityLogic’s Imaging and Telecom businesses. “This year, we’ve added functional test cases for new PDF features introduced in PDF 2.0 to give our customers an even more robust test solution.”