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QualityLogic Updates Test File Search Engine

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QualityLogic (, a provider of leading-edge Quality Assurance and Quality Control test tools and services for the imaging and telecom industries, has announced a new version of its TestJob Builder test file search software. TestJob Builder makes it easy to select PDL feature-specific test files from QualityLogic’s test suites in the shortest time possible, and now includes support for users’ test files in PDF, XPS, PCL5e/c and PCLXL formats.

TestJob Builder 2.0 supports QualityLogic’s PDL test suites that verify compliance to established standards, as well as testing real-world interoperability with operating systems and software applications. A new Live Analysis feature allows users to add their own test files to TestJob Builder’s searchable database.

Printer manufacturers and software developers may create or receive files from their customers that display specific problems. In the past, they opened and examined each file to determine which operators it contained. Now, with just a point-and-click, TestJob Builder examines the file, analyzes PDL operators and attributes, generates thumbnails, and updates a database. The database, which also includes data for QualityLogic test suites, can then be searched for files containing key attributes and operators for each PDL. This allows quick, easy collection of the most pertinent and useful test files to target specific objectives, such as problem analysis, regression, or spot-checking specific functions. This targeted testing increases accuracy, shortens development and test schedules, and reduces costs.

TestJob Builder integrates with PDF and XPS viewers, as well as TestJob Sender®, an application provided free by QualityLogic that allows a user to send any file format to a printing device. Together, these automation applications provide a powerful testing framework for creating and managing custom test suites.

“TestJob Builder provides development and test groups with a quick and easy way to search the thousands of test files QualityLogic has developed over the past 20 years,” said Steve Kang, General Manager of QualityLogic Products Group. “Now, they can add their own files to the searchable database automatically – there’s no need to open and dissect each file. TestJob Builder saves a tremendous amount of time in file selection and test execution, and it’s a greener way to test since it also reduces energy and paper consumption.”

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