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SEP 2.0 Ad Hoc Testers Released

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QualityLogic ( has announced the completion and release of its initial phase of the SEP 2.0 Client and Server Ad Hoc Testers. The currently-shipping versions validate the conformance of the Demand Response Load Control (DRLC), Messaging, and Pricing Function Sets to the Smart Energy Profile 2.0 Application Layer Specification, Version 0.9. The SEP 2.0 Client and Server Ad Hoc Testers are currently in use by companies around the world to validate that they are correctly implementing SEP 2.0 – the first step required to ensure interoperability.

The SEP 2 Server Ad Hoc Tester operates on a REST client to allow the user to explore server resources, and as DRLC client and a Text Messaging client to implement client-side function sets.

The SEP 2 Client Ad Hoc Tester initializes the top server resources, populates DemandResponseProgramList, MessagingProgramList and ResponseSetList resources, and continuously updates time-sensitive server resources.

QualityLogic is now developing test cases for its SEP 2.0 Client and Server Functional Test Suites (FTS) for the same function sets supported in the Ad Hoc Testers. The Client and Server FTS are scheduled for release in Q2-13. Support for additional function sets will be added to each product, based on market need, and provided to customers for an upgrade fee.

“SEP 2.0 will provide utilities, product vendors, and consumers with confidence in application and device interoperability,” said Dave Jollota, QualityLogic president and CEO. “We’re pleased to help the Smart Grid ecosystem get a head start with this important Smart Grid standard.”


QualityLogic is the testing partner for the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration, the largest project of its kind in the U.S. and was selected by the OpenADR Alliance to develop a conformance and interoperability test tool for OpenADR compliant products, and by Itron to develop and conduct testing for its ChoiceConnect® ERT® Certification Program. The Company offers interoperability, conformance, and certification test solutions for other Smart Energy technologies and is an active participant in Smart Grid standards activities, including the OpenADR and ZigBee Alliance, Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability, UCA OpenSG, SGIP, GWAC, MultiSpeak and others.

Departments ranging from IT to Marketing look to QualityLogic to ensure the quality of their websites, provide independent validation of competitive advantages, and develop and execute certification programs for their partners.