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Structured, Robust Test Pages for IT

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QualityLogic ( now offers its Application Test Suite-Intermediate Files (ATS-IFs) through its new QualityLogic Online Storefront.  Using top-selling applications from Adobe, Corel, Microsoft, Quark and others, QualityLogic developed ATS-IFs to exercise each application’s print features. These application source files have become the industry standard for printer driver testing, and are used by printer companies worldwide.  Now, IT managers can access these same QualityLogic ATS-IFs before they deploy applications, operating systems, printers and printer drivers to help simulate how new hardware and software will operate within their enterprise systems.  This ability to test application file compatibility before deployment can save IT groups both time and money and ensure compatibility and proper image results.

In developing ATS-IFs, QualityLogic graphic designers begin by thoroughly analyzing each application and creating a test specification that details the features to be tested. They then create a series of files, varying in complexity and functionality, that provide the most comprehensive way to test the features of an application.

For each application supported by QualityLogic, customers receive a set or suite of ATS-IFs that thoroughly exercises the features of the application. Test files are provided in their native application format (.doc files for Word, .pdf files for Acrobat, etc.) so they can be easily edited for troubleshooting.

In addition, QualityLogic provides online test specifications for each application.  This allows users to see, in detail, how the files were developed.  New applications developed for Windows Vista also include thumbnails of the test pages.

ATS-IFs are available for the following platforms:  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Japanese Language, Korean Language, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.  Individual software applications, which are required to run the ATS-IFs, are not included. ATS-IFs are shipped on CDs and/or DVDs.

QualityLogic develops new test files for leading applications on an ongoing basis. If you would like to receive notification when new test files are released, make an email request to

Information about ATS-IFs is also available from QualityLogic at 800-436-6292, ext. 151 or 805-531-9030, ext. 151.


QualityLogic provides leading-edge QA and QC test tools and services for the imaging and telecommunications industries.  The company’s tools and services are used for conformance, performance, and interoperability testing – from low-level firmware testing to high-level multi-tier application testing.  Its target markets are companies that develop and market printers, multifunction peripherals, and Telephony/IP products/services.

QualityLogic partners with leading technology firms to develop new and enhanced test solutions for emerging technologies.  It offers pre-submission testing of printer and imaging device drivers for the new Windows Vista Logo Program 3.0, and is the first company to provide independent Microsoft XPS technology training for engineers and designers.  In 2007, QualityLogic announced the development of the first pre-flight application for the XPS file format.

QualityLogic offers a certified page-yield testing service for printer ink and toner cartridges, as well as testing for consumables reliability, print quality and cost of ownership.  In addition, it performs competitive assessment work for HP, Dell and other printer companies.