Exceptional Technology Training that Blends Experience and Knowledge

Get your team off to a solid start. QualityLogic’s instructors have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge to train your staff on the technical details and real-world application of protocols. Our technology training programs cover:

  • Facsimile technology from analog switched circuits to fax over the Internet
  • Printing technologies, including a wide variety of page description languages
  • Smart energy systems covering use and testing of OpenADR, IEEE 2030.5 (SEP 2), and IEC 61850
  • 3D printing, specifically covering the 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF), which is rapidly becoming a standard
  • Full software quality consulting to help you set up a QA group that can hit the ground running

“The OpenADR Workshop was a tremendous timesaver. It helped me understand what mattered most in the documentation, required vs. optional behavior and real-world vs. spec only features.”

Aaron Hanson, Founder, Comfort Analytics and Smart Energy Software Solutions Company

There Is No Substitute for Experience

More than 30 years of helping customers test technologies as new as 3D printing and as old as facsimile have given us unique insights into the melding of technical protocols with the principles of software quality assurance. Our test engineers can provide technology training that prepares your staff to take on the challenges of developing working software around industry protocols.

Testing & Collaboration Ideas

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Testing and Technology Training

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