IEEE 2030.5 DER Training Workshop

CA Rule 21 mandated certification starts June 22, 2020. If you are planning or starting to develop or test Common Solar Inverter Profile (CSIP) based DER systems, you can jump-start your efforts with QualityLogic’s in-depth technical training on IEEE 2030.5, CSIP and Rule 21 technical requirements. This workshop is the fastest way your team can gain the valuable technical understanding of the CA Rule 21 requirements for Smart Inverters, DER Management Systems, Aggregators, and other DER systems.


What You Will Learn

  • Conceptual and practical understanding of IEEE 2030.5
  • Technical walk-through of IEEE 2030.5 and its relationship to CA Rule 21
  • Overview of CA Common Smart Inverter Profile for IEEE 2030.5 (CSIP)
  • Protocol exchanges between DER Management System and DER clients (Aggregator, Smart Inverter, Facility EMS)
  • Aggregating DER with IEEE 2030.5
  • Technical foundation to start development of IEEE 2030.5 based DER devices
  • Certifying IEEE 2030.5 DER servers, devices and aggregator clients
  • Introduction to QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 test tools

Workshops Offered as Private, Public, or Individual Basis

  • Private workshops dedicated to a single company’s staff
  • Public workshops open to the general public
  • Online recorded workshops are flexible and allow individuals to learn at their own pace

Steve did an amazing job presenting this in a professional manner while keeping it light hearted and encouraging. We had a lot of questions that probably seemed like simple issues to him, but he took the time to explain in detail every solution. (And time to verify we understood!)

David Koll, Sr Project Engineer, UL

IEEE 2030.5 Workshop Overview

As mentioned earlier, this workshop is available as a private online course via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, as a public course on a periodic basis, or as a pre-recorded video training. QualityLogic has offered IEEE 2030.5 courses since 2014 and have trained hundreds of engineers and companies. Contact us to learn more about the IEEE 2030.5 workshops.

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Workshop Agenda

Session 1: Background

  • Smart grid landscape
  • 2030.5 purpose
  • CSIP’s guide to Rule 21

Session 2: IEEE 2030.5 Introduction

  • Open standards
  • Discovery process
  • Function sets / categories
  • Servers and clients
  • Security

Session 3: Function Sets / Categories

  • Support resources
  • Common resources
  • Smart energy function sets

Session 4: Support and Common Resources

  • IEEE 2030.5 conventions
  • Device capability
  • Basic resources (design, end device, time)

Session 5: Smart Energy Function Sets

  • DER and DERP
  • Metering and mirrored meter
  • Pricing
  • Events and randomization

Session 6: Rule 21 / CSIP Overview

  • Core functionality
  • DER functions
  • Usage scenarios

Session 7: CSIP Fundamentals

  • DER client types
  • Topology based grouping
  • Required grid support functions

Session 8: CSIP & IEEE 2030.5

  • IEEE 2030.5 subset for CSIP
  • Server and clients comparison
  • Walk through a typical sequence

Session 9: CSIP Utility Server

  • Registration of inverters
  • Creation of 2030.5 resources
  • Grouping of inverters

Session 10: Aggregator Operations

  • Aggregator responsibilities
  • Typical commissioning process
  • Subscription process

Session 11: DER Event Scenarios

  • Simple Event Scenario
  • Multiple Events Scenario
  • Conflicting Events Scenario
  • Rules of 2030.5 Event Handling

Session 12: Meter Data, Status, and Alarms

  • Metered data from DERs
  • Status information from DERs
  • Alarms from DERs
  • Error handling

Session 13: Other 2030.5 Usage and Adoption

  • Global interest in 2030.5
  • Additional use of 2030.5
  • Vehicle to grid example

Session 14: IEEE 1547.1 Interoperability Using 2030.5

  • What is IEEE 1547.1 certification?
  • Relationship to other test standards
  • IEEE 1547.1 interoperability testing

Session 15: Conformance and Certification

  • CSIP and SunSpec
  • SunSpec DER test plan
  • SunSpec certification program

Session 16: Introduction to QualityLogic Tools

  • Testing CSIP using QualityLogic tools
  • Functional Test Suite Tool
  • Ad-Hoc Test Tool

Ensure Success with IEEE 2030.5

Want to learn more about how QualityLogic can accelerate your implementation of IEEE 2030.5?  Contact us.

Awesome workshop! I gained a better understanding of 2030.5 and CSIP as well as the guidelines about certification.

M. Rubin from a major Smart Inverter Manufacturer