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Web Application Testing

Web Application Testing and QA Services You Can Count On

QualityLogic’s website testing services combine extensive testing expertise with in-depth knowledge of Internet technologies to bring you the best solution to meet your quality goals, budget and schedule.

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Industry Leading Website Testing Services

Using sophisticated applications and technologies on your website means you need a quick, efficient, cost-effective testing solution. With QualityLogic’s website testing services, you get testing expertise combined with in-depth knowledge of Internet technologies. We bring you the best solution to meet your quality goals, budget and schedule. Your QualityLogic test team flexes to meet your day-to-day needs. We guarantee our work, and all of our services are provided onshore.

Engage with QualityLogic, and you get skilled testers who provide a high level of expertise at costs competitive with off-shore facilities but without the cultural, language and time difference issues. Don’t trust your product to someone who tests web applications as a sideline, and don’t trust your IP to questionable foreign legal jurisdictions. Web testing is our chosen profession, and the quality shows.

You’ll get a structured test plan, executed from your site user’s perspective. The plan covers your complete site, including all of its sub-pages, back-end operation, and third-party service links. We thoroughly test your site’s functionality, and compatibility with a wide variety of operating systems and browsers, and verify its content.

Website Testing Services that Add Value with Quality

Daily monitoring of video content feeds

  • Each day, we check streaming video feeds and verify expected content updates have been applied for that day.

Responsive Design

  • We verify the operation and appearance of your site on an array of display sizes and resolutions that you specify.

Ad hoc or structured testing of massive multi-player games

  • We place multiple testers into your game environment, and they find content and functionality issues that can only be detected during actual game play. We test your game’s continuity by following designed linear paths, as well as non-linear paths that a player may choose. Our test experts also check environment boundaries for possible exit/cheat points. And of course, we check all game components for content and functionality.

Payment gateway testing

  • Using multiple devices on live accounts, we access your mobile eCommerce site to verify transactions function as expected and complete successfully. We test the entire eCommerce process and confirm operation of the site from web page to database to content management to API access with third-party services.

End-to-end functionality

  • We functionally test your client application and automate those tests for best ROI on your test investment.

Automation of repetitive testing tasks

  • We develop automated test scripts that simplify repetitive tests and shorten execution times, saving you money.

Load time performance monitoring

  • Using system monitoring software, we provide an “external” view of how your site loads on a customer’s PC.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly content update verification

  • We schedule testing to verify that your web content updates are applied accurately.

Search function results testing

  • We test your embedded search engine against

Page hit tracking verification

  • Hit tracking services can provide inaccurate hit counts for your web pages. We verify the accuracy of your service by comparing their results against our actual page hits.

Desktop application interface testing (Adobe AIR/Silverlight)

  • We thoroughly test new desktop applications for functionality and content.

Link Verification

  • We verify every link on your website and provide a report indicating invalid/inactive links.

Embedded page object functionality

  • As you develop and deploy individual page objects to your site, we test and verify their functionality.

Application-to-Web interconnect

  • If your client application uses web access, we verify that access functions and is seamless to your customers.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • We test implementations of web-based services through full exercise of the applicable APIs.

Cross-browser functionality testing

  • We test your product in virtually any browser to ensure it works in the environments you choose to support.

Competitive analysis

  • We provide an independent, head-to-head comparison of your site’s functionality, usability, and performance compared to your competitors.

Operating Systems We Work With

QualityLogic maintains developer subscriptions with Microsoft and Apple that allow us access to virtually any Windows or Mac operating system. Our website and mobile app testing services currently include these OSs:

  • Mac OS
  • Windows 8 and Up
  • Apple iOS & iPad iOS
  • Android phone and tablet OS

Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Software Website Testing Services

Want to learn more about how our QA and testing services can safeguard your brand? Contact us to find out how we can improve your QA ROI.