Ensuring a Quality IEEE 2030.5 Stack Integration

One of the most important parts of the overall project of building an IEEE 2030.5 interface is the development or acquisition of the core protocol stack. Considerations must be made regarding resources, time, and technology available. But regardless of how you acquire your core protocol …

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Building a Great IEEE 2030.5 Interface

As distributed energy resources become a larger portion of the energy produced for consumption, managing and optimizing their contribution becomes an important task. California Utilities have recently invested in building out an ecosystem for IEEE 2030.5 – a communication protocol they have determined will best …

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CPUC E-5000 Brings Major Changes to Rule 21

On Thursday, July 11, the CPUC approved Resolution E-5000 regarding modifications to CA Rule 21 and the IOU Advice Letters. This order contains five major changes that impact our IEEE 2030.5 CSIP customers:

E-5000 extends the date by which inverter-based DER IEEE 2030.5 CSIP (Phase …

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The Drama of CA Rule 21: Why Not a Netflix Mini-Series?

The implementation of the smart inverter requirements spelled out in California’s Interconnection Rule 21 is like a streaming media mini-series, complete with the drama one expects from fictionalized life.

The drama started back in 2013 with the establishment of the Smart Inverter Working Group under …

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Ready for Title 24? Building EMS Vendors are in for a Surprise.

What is Title 24?

Title 24 contains the building standard codes for all
residential and commercial buildings in California. The codes are a set of
broad requirements for energy conservation and green design applied to
structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Every three years an

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The California Rule 21 Conundrum: DER End-End Assurance

Led by California and the IEEE 1547 Work Group, the electric utility industry is rapidly developing a standardized method to communicate with and manage the growing penetration of DER assets at the distribution level. The California PUC, in conjunction with the IOUs and vendor community, …

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IEEE 2030.5 Standard Progress

In 2016, the following key events occurred:

California Public Utility Commission approved a landmark order that makes the IEEE 2030.5 standard the default communications protocol in California for grid integration of DER resources.
IEEE organized the 2nd IEEE Symposium and Expo and a public workshop …

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Using QualityLogic Ad Hoc Testers as a Simulated IEEE 2030.5 Head-End

QualityLogic recently completed work with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) on the California Solar Initiative Solicitation #4 project. The project was designed to demonstrate a number of new technologies including the use of standard communications interfaces to smart inverters. The standard interfaces were both …

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QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 V2 Test Tools Due Year End

We started work at the beginning of July on a new version of the QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 Test Tools and are making good progress. We are calling the effort the “Accelerator 2016 Program” and are grateful to our partners who have pre-ordered the new version.

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