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Adobe Photoshop CS6: Power, Creativity and Speed

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Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 now has more powerful image editing power, new creative options, and better performance. An new interface accesses enhanced design tools, such as Content-Aware Patch, Blur Gallery, and a more precise Crop tool.

As with other members of the CS6 family, Photoshop CS6 has additional features accessible only through Creative Cloud™ membership. These limited access features include Smart Object support for Blur Gallery and Liquify, and exporting text and shape styling as CSS.

What’s New in Photoshop CS6?

Mercury Graphics Engine: Improved performance, even with complex tools.

Content-Aware Patch: Increased control and precision for choosing an area Content-Aware uses to create a patch.

Support for HiDPI and Retina high-resolution displays

New/improved design tools: A button click formats text with new type style. Gradients, patterns and strokes can be applied on vector layers. New layer search options are available on the layers panel.

Blur Gallery: On-image controls allow creation of tilt-shift effects, “blur all” and “sharpen specific” focal points, or creation of multiple focal points with blur changes blur among them.

Crop tool: It’s nondestructive, so you can see changes. New precision lets you better control the layout.

Enhanced user interface: Emphasis on designs and images.

Preset migration and sharing: Easier import and movement of past presets/shared computer presets into Photoshop CS6.

Auto-recovery: Automatically saves working files in the background.

Background Save: Keep working while you save your file, no matter the size.

Adaptive Wide Angle: For repairing fisheye/wide-angle lens distortions.

Improved auto corrections: Artistic adjustments in Auto Curves, Levels, and Brightness/Contrast.

Adobe Camera Raw 7: Increased control over highlights and detail in shadows; improved processing. Plug-in support from 350+ different camera models.

Content-Aware Move: Overlays, blends, and reintegrates a moved or transformed image into the new background.

Skin tone–aware selections, masking: Precision selections for hair and skin. Improvements to adjustments, preservation of skin tones, and masks.

Erodible brushes and drawing tips: Charcoal and pastels go blunt as you use them. You can re-sharpen the tips or save eroded tips into presets to create new brush favorites.

10-bit deep color monitor support: Provides a more accurate representation of how images will appear in film. You can see just the pixels you capture. Reduce or eliminate the need for dithering, and reduce contouring or banding.

Support for 3D LUTs: 3D look-up tables (LUTS) to work on images for film – includes Adobe SpeedGrade™.

Type styles: Single-click type styles apply formatting and keep type appearances consistent for selected text.

Vector layers, strokes, dashed lines: Add gradients and patterns, apply strokes, and add dashed lines.

Sharper vector rendering: Single-click precise alignment of vector object edges and layers snapped into pixels.

Layer search: Search for layers from the panel or filter layers based on their parameters.

64-bit Lighting Effects Gallery: On-canvas controls and previews make it easy to visualize lighting enhancements.

Oil Painting filter: Create painting techniques, and control brush styles and lighting.

Airbrush tips: More realistic, fluid controls and paint speckles.

New painting presets: Professional techniques that bring your painterly images to life with single button click.

Properties panel: Streamline workflow with the context-sensitive Properties panels for masks, adjustments, and video layers. They appear when you need to make changes and disappear when you select other layers.

Adobe Bridge CS6: Manages and organizes all of your media, with cross-platform 64-bit support.

Redesigned Adobe Mini Bridge: Simplifies organizing and accessing your media.

Enhanced TIFF support: Wider range of bit depths and larger file sizes.

Automatic resampling: Simplifies and speeds resampling by selecting the best resample method for you.

Filler text: Insert “Lorem ipsum” filler text to save time when designing web pages or large type designed layouts.

Increased maximum brush sizes: Design, paint, and edit with brush sizes up to 5000px.

Available with Cloud membership only:

Smart Object support for Blur Gallery and Liquify: Provide unedited filters and adjustments on your layers; now expanded for Blur Gallery and Liquify.

CSS export for faster web design: A quick, robust way for Web to generate CSS from text and shape styling in Photoshop. Cut and paste CSS data and include support for drop shadows, transformed text, and gradients.

Import color from Web files: Import swatches directly from HTML, CSS, or SVG files.

Conditional Actions: Speed image processing by setting up Conditional Actions that automatically choose based on your established criteria.

Time-savers: Improve production with precision changes to the Crop tool, improved panel merged-layer naming, and the ability to quickly move a path.

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