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QualityLogic Announces IEEE 2030.5 DER Workshop

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“Developing IEEE 2030.5 Implementations for CA Rule 21” Covers CA PUC IEEE 2030.5 Certification Mandate

Simi Valley, CA – QualityLogic today announced a public workshop for smart inverter and DER aggregator developers implementing IEEE 2030.5 (once known as SEP 2) in their products. The Workshop is also valuable for providers of DER certification services for CA Rule 21. The two-day workshop, to be held October 25-26 in Simi Valley, CA, will focus on the fundamentals of IEEE 2030.5; the requirements for meeting CA Rule 21 for DER; and test and certification of IEEE 2030.5 server, aggregator and client implementations.

The CA PUC has mandated certification of IEEE 2030.5 DER implementations in 2018. The SunSpec Alliance is on track to introduce an IEEE 2030.5 certification program for Rule 21 later this year. The aggressive schedule doesn’t leave much time for manufacturers and service providers to develop conformant implementations. The DER Workshop will provide attendees with the information they need to jump start their development efforts.

Implementing CA Rule 21 is a complex process. A QualityLogic analysis of the CA requirements for IEEE 2030.5 revealed that some or all of 18 IEEE 2030.5 Function Sets will need to be implemented to satisfy the California SEP 2 Implementation Guide, V1.0 (CSIP). The draft Analysis of the CSIP IEEE 2030.5 Requirements is available by request.

New Test Tools Release and Promotion

QualityLogic is the leading vendor of test tools for IEEE 2030.5. A new release planned for early 2018 will include DER certification enhancements to support the SunSpec Certification Program. The Test Tools already support most of the required CA Rule 21 functionality and are being updated for the SunSpec testing requirements. For more information on the test tools, see QualityLogic’s website.

Concurrent with the DER Workshop announcement, QualityLogic is introducing a promotional program for the new version of the test tools. Those who sign up will receive significant discounts on products and services, including discounted seats at the DER Workshop, and will also receive at least one interim release of the IEEE 2030.5 DER

Certification enhancements prior to public release. Contact QualityLogic for more information.

Registration for the DER Workshop is open. A $200 early bird discount is in effect prior to September 26, 2017 and special rates are available for government and education employees.

“We’ve been working with IEEE 2030.5, or SEP 2, since 2011, and we contributed to the Application Protocol Specification,” said James Mater, QualityLogic Smart Grid Business general manager. “Our IEEE 2030.5 Client and Server Ad Hoc Testers have been used by device manufacturers, utilities, and commercial test labs around the world to create real-world scenarios and validate conformance to the protocol specification. We’re pleased to support the IEE 2030.5 community with continuing updates to the tests and our new workshop for the CA Rule 21 application.”

For more information about the class, visit