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Solar Power International 2020 Webinars

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Did you miss the QualityLogic webinars from the 2020 Solar Power International? Catch up on the announcements we made during the show, then let us know how we can help you navigate through the chaos of the DER challenges.

Solving the DER Interoperability Challenge

Join QualityLogic as we look at the current challenges of the smart energy industry as we rapidly add DERs to the grid. James Mater, the General Manager of QualityLogic’s Smart Energy division, discusses four of the critical challenges and how QualityLogic is helping vendors and utilities navigate them.

You can also download a PDF of the presentation.

Inverter Advanced Functions

Join QualityLogic as we announce a new product for the Smart Energy community aimed at inverter manufacturers looking to test and ensure that their products conform to IEEE 1547.1 Interoperability requirements. Steve Kang, the Sr. VP of Engineering for QualityLogic, will introduce how we are expanding our industry-leading IEEE 2030.5 test tool product line with our new IEEE 1547.1 Test Tools for automating IEEE 1547.1 Interoperability testing.

You can also download a PDF of the presentation.

Preventing DER Chaos

Trying to understand which protocol – OpenADR, DNP3, IEEE 2030.5, IEC 61850 – is right for your application?

Developing and supporting test tools for DER protocols provides us an unparalleled knowledge of both the technologies and eco-systems working with the technologies.

So we thought we’d put that knowledge into a protocol selection guide.