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What Are the Top 3 Qualities of a Successful Software QA Company?

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You and your business have worked hard to create something new and innovative and as a professional, you know that attention to detail and consistency is at the heart of any great product. This should continue through to the quality assurance process. During the testing process, productivity depends on your ability to identify, isolate, and remedy bottlenecks in your workflow. Hiring a company to review your QA process and test your software or application is a choice made by many software companies, but the value that you receive from outsourcing QA can vary wildly. Your chosen Software QA company should think like you—it should be proactive about defining systemic vulnerabilities and eliminating unnecessary risk.   

In this post, we’ll show you the 3 qualities that allow a Software QA company to empower (rather than compromise) your business’s long-term strategy.  

1. They Understand Your Priorities

Certain things only come from experience. Understanding your priorities from a quality assurance perspective is one of them. A strong Software QA company will have the experience to understand your struggles and will know what it takes to get your priorities met. You should be able to benefit from their ability to work seamlessly with your internal teams and integrate with your agile development process — they should adapt to you, going the extra mile to deliver what you expect. You should be able to call them with an immediate need and have support right away. You need technology experts and world-class labs that feature a wide array of connected devices and state-of-the-art tools.

The right Software QA company will be able to provide this. It is what your business needs and deserves. It is the job of experienced QA engineers and testers to be the voice of the user. Go with the company that has been there, done that and has the track record to back it up.   

2. They Think Like a User

When it comes to the creation of software, developers think like developers and not always as a user might. This is why developers usually don’t make the best testers. As a Software QA company,  it is our job to put ourselves in the shoes of the users. Doing so opens you up to discovering screens that may not be intuitive and could possibility cause your users’ confusion or frustration. A Software QA company that grasps the importance of thinking like a user identifies opportunities to go through the user flow in a different way than one may have originally intended. As the Software QA company goes through the testing process, they uncover errors that no one knew existed like broken links, slow functionality and input errors.   

According to The 2018 World Quality Report 42% of respondents indicated that ensuring end-user satisfaction was a pivotal objective in QA testing software’s. Up 34% from last year solidifying this as proof to why a software QA company should think like a user. That is why at Quality Logic, we know that regardless of the expanse of your software or application feature set, usability inconsistencies can harm your brand and limit your product’s long-term viability. That’s why it is essential to choose a Software QA company that is just as focused on your long-term vision for your consumers as you are.  

3. They are a Team Player

You have spent all this time developing your project. The last thing you want to do is let it go. Choose a Software QA company that can integrate seamlessly with your team. A Software QA company should have a fundamental understanding of each of the roles in the team and, as such, be a ‘generalist by trade’. They need to know this broad understanding of the roles to be able to understand how projects and your products are progressing and, as a result, provide feedback on practices or processes that could be improved. And, above all, inform the team about whether the product under development is delivering a positive user experience.  

You should also ask yourself “Can I count on this company to help my brand scale at any pace?”, “Does this company guarantee performance?” and “Will my chosen company offer QA services that are affordable and comprehensive?”  

Whichever  Software QA company you choose, they should be there for your business and help it save money, get to market quicker, and eliminate costly mistakes. It’s essential to work with a Software QA company that is able to keep up with your brand. From empowering rapid deployments to debugging legacy products.   

Choose the Right Fit for You

To sum it all up, you need to choose the right fit for you. Choose a Software QA company that empowers you and reinforces your business’s long-term strategy. A strong Software QA company with experience will put your business’s priorities first and has the track record to prove it. They should think like a user and contribute new ideas and perspectives to the project and ongoing strategy. Lastly, you want a team player. Pick the company that understands your industry and will become an extension of your team. They should understand your bottom line and help you to achieve yours goals. They should guarantee their work and always deliver.   

QualityLogic is Ready to Support You and Your Business’s Testing Needs

From conception to release, we are a Software QA company that offers agile QA services guaranteeing exceptional user experience and robust performance at each iteration of your product. Best yet, we integrate our services seamlessly with your existing QA process and use test models that have been proven in a broad range of enterprise software and application development environments.   

What sets us apart as a Software QA company is we don’t lock you into a long-term contract. We don’t charge change fees. That’s because we view our clients as long-term partners and we endeavor to earn their business every day.  

At QualityLogic, we work with you to create a sustainable architecture for your success. Once we connect, we stay connected. We offer ongoing custom support for all our clients. If you need us, we’ll be there. We test multiple platforms using a variety of test solutions over many different industries. Ready to transform your QA process with a Software QA company that puts YOU first? Connect with us for a consultation and learn how effortless QA can be. 

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Gary James, President/CEO

Over the last 35+ years, Gary James, the co-founder and president/CEO of QualityLogic, has built QualityLogic into one of the leading providers of software testing, digital accessibility solutions, QA consulting and training, and smart energy testing.

Gary began his QA journey as an engineer in the 1970s, eventually becoming the director of QA in charge of systems and strategies across the international organization. That trajectory provided the deep knowledge of quality and process development that has served as a critical foundation for building QualityLogic into one of the best software testing companies in the world.

In addition to leading the company’s growth, Gary shares his extensive expertise in Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Digital Accessibility, and Leadership through various content channels. He regularly contributes to blogs, hosts webinars, writes articles, and more on the QualityLogic platforms.