QualityLogic (www.qualitylogic.com) has announced a new program to pre-test printer, MFP, scanner, removable storage and “unclassified” device drivers to determine if they will meet Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) requirements for the new Microsoft® Compatible with Windows 7™ logo.

The Windows 7 logo program helps buyers identify devices that are designed and tested to be compatible with Windows 7. Manufacturers get the advantage of Windows brand recognition, reduced support calls, and the ability to support their devices in the field through Windows Update.

Certification requires rigorous testing to ensure that the product is easy to use, stable, installs/uninstalls properly, and interoperates with other applications and devices that also qualify for the Compatible with Windows 7 logo. Pre-testing and preparing for the logo certification submission can take valuable time away from development efforts.

By outsourcing WHQL pre-submission testing, companies can free up valuable engineering resources for critical development work. QualityLogic’s pre-submission testing simplifies the process by pre-testing drivers before they are submitted to Microsoft. QualityLogic’s service includes defect identification and regression, as well as help with preparation of the logo certification submission.

“QualityLogic has a long history of working with Microsoft on WHQL and other logo programs, so we can eliminate any confusion or uncertainty our clients may have about the WHQL submission process,” said Dave Jollota, QualityLogic President and CEO. “Our experience assures that clients will have the fastest, most cost-effective path to ‘Compatible with Windows 7’ logo certification.”


QualityLogic is a highly respected provider of testing products and outsourced quality assurance and engineering services. The Company provides a flexible menu of services at customers’ sites, at QualityLogic’s labs, or as managed services that scale to meet customers’ evolving needs. QualityLogic’s customers include technology companies around the world in a wide range of industries:

  • Printer and MFP OEMs, ODMs and technology providers rely on QualityLogic test solutions to validate their products’ performance, conformance to industry standards, and interoperability with other hardware and software products.
  • Network infrastructure equipment manufacturers, carriers, and telecom service providers use QualityLogic fax test equipment to ensure interoperability with fax traffic from traditional devices and across the Internet.
  • IT departments in companies of all sizes look to QualityLogic to ensure their web applications or websites meet their quality objectives.
  • Marketing groups rely on QualityLogic to provide independent validation of their competitive advantages.