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Testing complex systems and protocols that span vast arrays of possible interactions requires test tools that delve into, report on, and exercise every available aspect and parameter. QualityLogic offers tools for testing:

Previously, we would have a person manually click the mouse to begin a print application, start a stop watch, collect the times, and write down the times for up to 10 different files in a given application. Then, they would enter the numbers from all these tests into a spreadsheet. One of the first benefits of using PageSense is that it automates this entire process. Now, with the same number of human operators, we can process 10 times the number of files.

QA Director, Major Printer/MFP Manufacturer

QualityLogic QA Test Tools Optimize Your Products’ Performance

QualityLogic’s QA testing tools are built on our in-depth knowledge of standards and protocol specifications. We help you identify implementation risk areas so you can target your resources with maximum efficiency. That’s why many of our test tools have become recognized test standards used by industry experts, such as technology analysts and media authorities, and organizations of all sizes that care about quality.

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